About Alkaline Water Filters

If you read this post it is probably because you heard that alkaline is healthy and you may want to buy a filter to alkalinize your water.

On this page we will talk about :

1. What is Alkaline Water?

2.Is Alkaline Water Healthy?

3.Alkaline Filters : which one pick.

1.What is Alkaline Water ?

Alkaline water defines the pH of the water, 7 is a neutral pH, under is acidic and above is basic. Alkaline is placed between 8 and 10.

But what makes the pH as it is in the water ?

The pH of the water is influenced by of the H+ (hydrogen) ions concentration, the H+ ions makes the water acidic so the more there is of it the more acidic the water becomes. There are several factors that can influence the pH level, in fact the amount of dissolved minerals, the presence of acidic or basic substances and of biological organisms will influence the pH level of a water.

For exemple, water that contains high levels of dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, may have a higher pH because these minerals can neutralize the H+ ions in the water. Water that contains high levels of acidic substances, such as carbon dioxide or sulfuric acid, may have a lower pH because these substances can increase the concentration of H+ ions in the water. Water that contains high levels of biological organisms, such as algae or bacteria, may also have a higher pH because these organisms can produce basic substances that can neutralize the H+ ions in the water.

2.Is Alkaline Water Healthy?

Disclaimer : I am not a doctor and what I write here is NOT a medical advice, I resume what I could read from my researches.

There are many discussions about alkaline water and the subject seems to be unclear : some poeple says that alkaline water has miraculous healing benefits and at the opposite, others, looking at this major "trend", claims that there are no scientific evidences over the health benefits of alkaline water.

But actually, some studies has been made over alkaline water, for exemple in Japan the use of ionized alkaline water in the hospitals is approved but is precribed by doctors and seems to be used for gastrointestinal issues only. It is still early to claim other benefits to alkaline water. The page I consulted about japanese studies over alkaline water is https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4441/5/4/2094/htm if you want to look at the details.

If there are reasons to drink alkaline ionized water to help with gastrointestinal purposes, some testimonies also says that drinking alkaline ionized water could raise the pH in the stomach and in the urines which is not desirable because the acid in the stomach should remain acid for digestion purposes and the urines should remain a little acidic as well (between 5 and 6) to kill the microbes.

In anyway if you think that you need alkaline water for any purposes, consult a doctor before.

My conclusion over alkaline water and health is that even thought it seems amazing when we hear about alkaline benefits for the first time we should not take it for a fact but look at it with a rational mind and not keep it just as a believe that it is working. We still need to wait for more studies, I keep an eye on it. A good alternative to ionized water is to drink high mineralized water, however plastic bottles remain problematic, or eat more alkaline fruit and vegetables, there are plenty of them.

3.Alkaline Filters : which one pick.

You read the article and you still want to purchase an alkaline filter?

First as said earlier, drink only ionized water may not be the best choice to make so if you want to have acces to alkaline water at home I would suggest to pick a pitch filter and not put an alkaline filter on your faucet or on any other water outlet of your house.

The price range for an alkaline water pitch filter is around 40$.

The brand I recommand is InvigoratedWater which i tested their basic alkaline pitch filter, their filters are made of many layers, they purify the water from many toxic componants, alkalinize the water and add beneficial minerals to the water. The material of the pitcher is PBA free which is a very important point when it comes to buy filter because we dont want to ingest more plastic.

The water comes out very clear and the taste is very good. One filter is good to be used for 96 gallons, you can buy more filter on their website as well.