Best Water Filter Brands Within The USA

12/12/20222 min read


Waterdrop is probably the best water filter brand. Their pannel of product is the largest I found until now, it covers every area of the filtering system : reverse osmosis systems, refrigerators filters, countertop filters, undersink filters, outdoor filters and whole house filters.

They ship for free within the USA in 4-10 days.


Hydros was founded in San Fransico in 2009 and has a pannel of water filtering products as bottles you can take everywere with you and home products as filtering carafes and filtering pitchers. Their filters are made of 100% coconut shell carbon and their products are PBA free. Furthermore, they give 1% to non-profits groups to protect and conserve the oceans. They provide free shipping over 50$ in the USA and give promotions and offers to those who sign up to their newsletter.

Sagan Life

Sagan Life has water filters you can connect to a back yard faucet for exemple and products made especially for camping, trip etc so you can filter your water when you are on the road. They also have other camping products as tents, sleeping bags, sacks and steel cooking accessories.They are based in the USA and ship for free over 50$ within the USA.


Clatterans opened in 2017, it is mainly a kids and babies toys supplier but has a large panel of water filtering products especially for home as frigidaires and refrigirators water and air filters remplacement for big refrigirator brands as GE, Samsung, LG and others. They also have faucet filters, pitcher filters, shower filters and under sink filters. They are currently running a big sale that goes up to 83% off on some products.

Watens Filter

Watens also sells frigidaires and refrigirators water filters, shower filters and undersink filters. A they actualy sells Clatterans products too as frigidaires and refrigirators water filters, undersink water filters and various kitchen products.If you bought a frigidaire or a refrigirator that filters water you may find on Watens and/or Clatterans websites a compatible remplacement for your water or air filter.