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Whole House Water Purifier
Which One Should You Buy?

What kind of whole house water purifier should you buy?  Is one water purification device any better than another or are they all the same?  You'll find the answers here, but first I have another question for you.

Do you know what's in a glass of unfiltered tap-water?

Well, in the majority of homes around the world, chlorine is in there.  Where there's chlorine, there are THMs.  While chlorine kills most bacteria, cryptosporidium and giardia cysts are resistant to chlorine.  There outer shells are tough enough to protect them from the chemical.  They float along in a dormant state, until they find a host.  That could be you.

Are you plagued by stomach discomfort?  Do you frequently have bouts of diarrhea?  There are probably cysts in your water.  In order to remove them, you need a whole house water purifier that includes a submicron sized porous structure.

The only other way that you can kill them is by boiling everything that you drink and brush your teeth with, but boiling releases chlorine and THMs into the air.  That's a long-term health threat.  The US EPA says that you can even become infected by eating fresh fruits and vegetables that have been washed in unfiltered water. 

So, that means that you'll be using your water purification device quite often.  You'll want to be sure that the filters have a relatively long lifespan.  Six months is not too much to ask for.

Now, let me get back to THMs.  The average house water filter removes chlorine, but not THMs, which is illogical in the first place, since they go together like smoke and fire.  It's also a health hazard.

What really upsets me is that a whole house water purifier can claim to provide purity, without remove a chemical that is KNOWN to be present in every publicly treated supply and KNOWN to cause cancer.  Researchers say with 95% confidence that the THMs individuals are normally exposed to on a daily basis, through drinking, cooking and showering doubles their risk of bladder cancer.

Water purification devices can easily reduce your risk, as can drinking more purified water, since it dilutes the other toxins that cause this fourth most common form of cancer.  Once you find a house water filter that removes THMs and install it, you should begin drinking at least 1.5 liters per day.  Studies have shown that will significantly reduce your risk.

How do you know if a house water purifier removes THMs?  The contaminants removed by a system should be clearly listed on the outside of the box.  You want to look for a house water filter that removes chlorine, cysts, lead, THMs, VOCs, benzene, Atrazine, alachlor, lindane and MTBE.  Those are the most common and most hazardous contaminants.

Don't ever order a system from one of those television shopping networks.  My friends have been very unhappy with their performance and most of them only reduce chlorine.

An effective whole house water purifier is a worthwhile investment.  Don't waste your money on a pretender.

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