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Water Purification Devices
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When you think about purchasing a water purification device, what comes to mind?  For some people it is a filter on the end of their sink nozzle.  For others, it is a filtered pitcher or a device that installs under the sink.  All of these are correct, and today we will examine the different types of filters and devices and look at how they work and which are the most effective. 

Not all water purification devices are equal and they do not all work the same way.  Each works by filtering your water, but how they do it and what gets filtered out depends very much on the type of filter or system you buy.  We will take a look at filtered pitchers, reverse osmosis systems, and multi stage systems. 

Filtered pitchers are the most common and least expensive filtering systems, but they are also the least effective.  These systems essentially filter out sediment and large particles from your water but can leave behind lead and many chemicals and pesticides.  When you take into account the 2100 plus carcinogenic chemicals found in tap water by the Ralph Nader Research Group, you begin to see how this type of filter may improve your tap water but does not make it pure or safe.   

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 Reverse osmosis systems are very common countertop or under counter systems.  These systems work far better than pitchers, but still produce water at a rate of over twenty cents per gallon.  These systems operate by first passing water through a porous membrane to capture large particles, then passing it through a carbon filter to weed out contaminants.  This process also weeds out all of the natural and beneficial minerals in your water, such as magnesium and potassium.  These systems also waste two gallons of water for every one that they deem viable.   These systems are considerably better than tap water, but are no longer considered fully efficient or the best available. 

New to the list of water purification devices is the multi stage filter system.  This type of system can be bought for the counter top or to be installed under the counter and provides the purest water available.  These systems are also designed to remove contaminants while leaving in all of the natural minerals that your body needs from water.  These systems use a patented design that uses active carbon and a submicron porous material to create a dual filtering system that is unrivaled. 

You body is comprised mostly of water.  When you take this into account, the importance of drinking pure water that is free of chemicals and carcinogens becomes even more apparent.  While it is consistently agreed upon that any water purification device is better than none at all, it is worth taking a look at the new multi stage filter systems.  When you can get pure water for only about ten cents a gallon and be certain to get minerals without ingesting toxins, it only makes sense to do what you know is right for your budget and your body.

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