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How To Find The Best Home Water Purifier

Here's a water filter review for you.  If you really want the best home water purifier, you have to look for performance.  Pricing will only confuse you, because filters that do basically the same job range from $40-$600.  Surprisingly, the one that provides the most protection for your family costs around $100 and costs less to use than the $40 filters.

You have probably seen a water filter review for PUR products.  They do the most advertising and are distributed by department stores, nationwide.  Some people are happy with their purchases.  Others are not.

Their dual-stage faucet mount costs less than $20, but does not provide adequate protection from THMs, a cancer-causing contaminant that is present in every publicly treated supply.  There three stage faucet mount does reduce THMs, but the company does not provide details concerning the percentage of reduction.  The best home water purifier reduces THMs by more than 99%.

At first glance, the price for the triple stage PUR product seems like a great value at around $40.  But, the replacement cartridges have a very short lifespan.  The best home water purifier only needs a replacement cartridge every six months or so.

The PUR filters are only good for 100 gallons and cost around $20.  The average family of four would drink 100 gallons in a month.  That is one of the negative comments that I have seen in a PUR water filter review.  Changing the filters every month is time consuming and annoying.

That's probably why so many people "fell" for the so-called "maintenance free" Clean & Pure products.  At a cost of $30, people thought they were going to have unlimited protection.  Well, it turned out quite differently.

You can easily find a water filter review for Clean & Pure, because the product was sold on Home Shopping Network and over the internet.  Of the reviews that I read, a few were positive, but the consumers were not aware that the system only reduced chlorine and odors, was not actually a purifier and "maintenance-free" actually meant disposable.  You don't buy replacement cartridges, because you throw it away.

The best home water purifier does require replacement cartridges.  The filtering media can only work effectively for a limited period of time.  My favorite company automatically ships them to your door, so you never have to worry about running out to the store or try to remember when it's time to replace them.

The system reduces chlorine, odors and bad tastes.  It reduces lead, cysts, THMs, VOCs, herbicides, pesticides, drugs, industrial solvents and gasoline additives by more than 99%.

During the first year, you would spend about $148.  In following years, you would spend less than a hundred.  If you went with PUR, you would spend over $200 per year on replacement cartridges alone.

If you want the best home water purifier, you have to pay a little more initially, but in the long-run, you'll save.  Hope this water filter review helps.  Everyone deserves pure drinking water.


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