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The Full Story - My Aquasana Review

Looking for an Aquasana review?  First, let me tell you a little bit about the company.

For over 15 years, the company has sold direct to consumers and manufactured products for private labeling and retailers.  They hold 17 patents and have sold over 9 million products.  

Their product selections include a counter top water filter for the kitchen.  Another that fits under the counter and a deluxe model that is available with faucets in different finishes.  They offer shower head water filters with or without a removable wand for filling the tub.  They also make the best whole house water filters, aptly named the "Rhino", as it is tough on contaminants.

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There products have been evaluated by Consumer's Digest and rated the best buy on the market for five years running.  The National Health and Wellness Club wrote an Aquasana review, in which their members all tested and recommended their counter top water filter and their shower head water filters.

Unlike most other home filtration products, the company does not design products that meet minimum government or industry standards, which allow trace levels of contaminants in tap and bottled water.  Their standards are much higher.

All of their systems are certified by Underwriter's Laboratory for contaminant reduction in a number of different categories.  More than 99% of all traces of chlorine, lead, VOCs, cysts and THMs are removed by their counter top water filter.  

There are only two shower head water filters on the market that remove THMs and lead.  The other brand is called Wellness and it costs four times as much as the Aquasana product.

Aquasana Review - What They Don't Tell You

There are only two under-the-counter systems that remove THMs.  The other brand is called Ever-pure and it costs nearly $800.  Aquasana's model costs less than $200.

Unlike an Aquasana review, the average reviews that you read for a counter top water filter are not that positive.  People complain about numerous things, including leakage, difficult installation, bad taste and high price.

Those are the things that people notice.  They can taste chlorine, so they notice that.  There are many health hazards in publicly treated supplies that are tasteless.  So, I worry about the people that are happy with other brands.  They just don't know what they are being exposed to.

But, when it comes to chlorine removal, Rhinos are considered the best whole house water filters.  That's according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.  At first, I chose the counter top water filter.  The taste was excellent, but I was worried about other areas of our home, including the showers, because researchers say that we are exposed to cancer-causing chemicals in the shower.

So, I ended up buying shower head water filters for the three bathrooms in our home.  Eventually, I figured out that the best whole house water filters actually cost less and would take up far less of my time, so I invested in one of those.

I have always been happy with the company's products, as is the rest of my family.  So, there you have an Aquasana review for practically every product that they carry.  Oh, I also love their glass containers, bet you will, too!

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