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Rhino Water Filter - Truly The Best Whole House Water Filter On The Market

The Rhino Water Filter is the best whole house water filter on the market in terms of value for your money.  There is only one other product that can do everything that the Rhino Water Filter does and it costs nearly six times as much.

There is no reason to pay that much.  The system is manufactured by the Wellness Company and the reason for the additional price is the inclusion of rare Japanese stones. The claims that the company makes are based on studies done by their own researchers.  I am always a little suspicious of company backed studies, so I did a little of my own research.

The stones are supposed to "imbue" your water with health giving qualities.  They claim that the stones transmit antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities into your waters.  I'm not saying that there aren't some minerals that have natural antibacterial and anti-fungal activity, but you cannot pass this activity along to waters, simply by running it past some rocks.

Some people say that the best whole house water filter includes a reverse osmosis step.  I would have to disagree with that for a number of reasons.  First, the Rhino Water Filter is a selective filtration device.  RO is not selective.

What I mean by that is this.  As I said there are some minerals that are good for your health, not only do they act as natural antibacterial and antifungal agents, drinking them helps to keep your electrolytes balanced and prevents nutritional deficiencies.

RO removes the mineral content that is present in every naturally occurring supply.  The result is a taste that is stale and is not good for your health.

Another consideration is cost.  The "good" reverse osmosis systems cost in excess of $10,000.  Systems like GE smart water cost less, but they also do less.  For people that actually need reverse osmosis (and I'm not convinced that anyone needs it today) the cheaper systems won't do the job.

If your home is connected to a public waterline, you definitely don't need reverse osmosis and you don't need a bunch of Japanese rocks.  RO wastes electricity and water.  Wellness is a good product.  It just costs more than it should.

So, I stick by my first statement, the best whole house water filter is the Rhino Water Filter.  Currently, it is priced at $999.  It installs easily and quickly, although you will need to call a plumber.  The cost of use is less than $18 per month.  Other brands do less and have a cost of use that is as high as $66 per month.

The US EPA even says that the system used by the company is the best whole house water filter available.  It has received high ratings by Consumer's Digest and the National Health and Wellness Club.

We have a Rhino Water Filter in our home and we have clean, safe waters everywhere in our house.  No more dry skin.  No more bad taste.  No more bottled.  Think about it.


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