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Who needs the best home water purifier? Pregnant women, children, the elderly, those with immuno-deficiencies and anyone that wants to reduce their risk of cancer. How do you find the best home drinking water systems? You read.

You read product performance data. You read recent research results concerning the risks that exist in publicly treated supplies. You read about methods to remove these health threats and you start here with this article. There are so many different scientific studies coming out, right now, that it is hard to know where to begin. I guess I'll start with birth defects.

Researchers in Australia report a "statistically significant" increase in birth defects in areas with high concentrations of THMs. THMs are byproducts of public disinfection methods. Only the best home water purifier will remove them.

THMs should be listed on product performance data. Home drinking water systems by Brita, PUR and Ever-pure do not remove them. GE only reduces them by 95%. The better home drinking water systems reduce them by more than 99%.

Researchers don't always agree on the number of birth defects that are directly related to THM-exposure, but every study that I am aware of warns that there exposure does increase a person's lifetime risk of cancer. Exposure occurs when drinking, through skin absorption when bathing and through inhalation when showering, cooking or doing dishes by hand.

So, not only do you need the best home water purifier in the kitchen, you have to also think about the bath and shower. It might be less expensive to invest in whole-house filtration, when you think about all of the different areas of exposure. But, at the very least, you need home drinking water systems and a showerhead system. If you have children, you want one with a removable wand for filling the tub.

Once you have the chemicals out of the way, you have to think about cysts, as they are called. They are actually protozoa in an early stage of development that are resistant to public disinfection methods. They are not tested for regularly, so they may be present at any time. They are particularly dangerous to the elderly, infants and those with immuno-deficiencies.

The best home water purifier removes cysts through a process called "submicron filtration". That is also the most affordable method for cyst removal. The only way to kill them is by boiling and it isn't feasible to boil everything that you drink, rinse vegetables with and brush your teeth with. Cysts have also been found in bottled water brands. So, don't rely on the bottling companies to protect your health.

Multiple stages are necessary to clean up everything that is present in publicly treated supplies. Home drinking water systems should have four stages; granular carbon to reduce chlorine, a carbon and multi-media block to further reduce chlorine and to trap THMs and other cancer-causing chemicals, submicron filtration to remove cysts and ion exchange to remove any trace of lead.

There are many other ways that the best home water purifier can protect your health. But, in a nut shell, that's how you find one.

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