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 Which One Is Best For Your Family?

There is no doubt that the water that enters our home contains many different types of chemicals and impurities.  While public water treatment plants do their best with water purification, to truly get the safest and highest quality water you will want to know about home water filter systems to ensure that your family health is not affected by these contaminants.

Home water purifiers for use in the home come in several different forms some more expensive and difficult to install than others.  Deciding on which one is right for you and your family really depends on your budget, the complication of installation and most importantly, the effectiveness of the water purifier at eliminating any hidden dangers.

There are three main types of water purifiers for the home are:

• Carafe or jug water purifiers
• Under-sink water purification system
• Whole house water purification systems

Each of these water purification systems deliver filtered water, but there are differences in the methods that are used in filtering and installation, and the volume of water produced after filtering.

Carafe or Jug Water Purifiers

With a carafe or jug water purifier, a carbon filter is placed in the top of the jug, and untreated water allowed to pass through the filter.  The filtered water collects in the bottom of the jug ready for use.  Although this method works well, only a couple of liters of water can be purified at a time, and the carbon filter will need changing regularly.

Under-Sink Water Purification System

These water purification systems attach to the faucet under your kitchen sink, and water passes through a carbon filter in the same method used by a jug filter.

The benefit of under-sink water purifiers however, is the volume of filtered water that is produced.  Any water run through that faucet is clean and ready to drink, therefore the supply for drinking and cooking is limitless.  As with the carafe system, the carbon filters will have to be replaced regularly to ensure the system runs to maximum filtering potential. 

Whole House Water Purification Systems

These tend to be the most expensive and require installation of the reviewed types of water purificationHome Water Filter System systems, although they provide the most assurance that you can get healthy water at any faucet and time in your home.

Water is filtered and purified at the point of entry into your home, which ensures that water from any faucet in the house is clean, filtered and ready for use.

This is the main benefit over the point-of-use under-sink system, as that only purifies water from one faucet.  Another benefit being that the deposits that build up in pipes, boilers and kitchen appliances like washing machines and dishwashers is reduced. The agents that cause corrosion are largely removed before the water enters the pipes.

As you can see, there are several types of home water filter systems.  The one you decide to purchase ultimately rests with you, but a little research for a quality home water system will help to ensure the continuing good health of your family.

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