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On this page, you will learn about many of the products manufactured by the company, including their drinking water filters, showerhead systems and whole-house units.

Drinking Water Filters

Voted best buy by Consumer Digest for six years in a row, you can choose a countertop model or an under-counter design. Either unit is easy to install, taking only a few minutes of your time.

These are multi-stage selective filtration devices. They remove chemicals like chlorine, THMs and VOCs, heavy metals like lead and tiny parasitic cysts, but any naturally occurring mineral content is unchanged. Water that has a trace of minerals tastes better and is better for your health.

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Showerhead Systems

Who needs a showerhead system? Anybody that wants to have better looking hair, better looking skin and reduce their risk of cancer.

Research has shown that more cancer-causing THMs get into the bloodstream during a shower than they do after drinking a liter of unfiltered water. Most of the showerhead filters on the market are simple chlorine filters. Only the Aquasana system includes enough steps to filter out THMs.

Two designs are available. The top of the line model includes a handheld massager that can also be used for feeling the tub. It isn't hard to find an Aquasana review for this product. People are thrilled with it. Once your shower in water that is truly clean, you will notice an immediate difference.

Whole-House Water Filter

The Rhino EQ-300 is the whole-house filter manufactured by Aquasana. It is the least expensive whole house system on the market, because it you can buy it directly from the factory.

The Rhino is certified by Underwriter's Laboratory. All performance claims have been verified. It typically takes a plumber about one hour to install the system. Once he's done, you will have clean pure water throughout your house.

What are the advantages?

The air in your home will be cleaner and healthier, because their will be no irritating chlorine fumes. Your clothes will last longer, because you won't be bleaching them during every wash.

The filter in your refrigerator will last longer. Your homes water-heater and similar appliances will last longer. Under normal circumstances, caustic chlorine breaks down the gaskets and even eats through the metal in those appliances.


The company makes a variety of accessories that make bottling your own an easy thing to do. Most of us are striving to reduce the footprint that we leave on the planet by reducing the amount of trash that we create. With Aquasana's glass containers and stainless steel portable canteens, you'll never have to buy another plastic bottle. So, you'll never have another one to throw away.

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