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A Review Of Cuno Water Filters

If you did a review of Cuno water filters for residences to other products on the market, you will see that you can get a system that is just as good, for a much better price. You can also get a lifetime warranty, as opposed to a 2 year, limited system warranty. Why pay more, if you're not getting something better? Here are the details.

Contaminant Reduction

Cuno makes a number of different models. Their residential systems bear Safe Clear Waterthe Aqua-Pure logo. If your home is hooked up to a public waterline, the contaminants that are most likely present include chlorine and THMs. Whenever chlorine is used for disinfection, THMs are formed. Exposure to the amount that is allowed under EPA standards doubles your risk of bladder cancer and increases your risk of colorectal cancer by more than 40%.

Other contaminants that may be present include pesticides, herbicides, lead, cysts, VOCs, benzene and MTBE. Each of them carries potential health risks. The only Cuno water filters that effective reduce all of these contaminants is the model AP-DWS1000.


The price of the AP-DWS1000 is $587.37. The cost of replacement cartridges is $236.15. The cartridges are good for 625 gallons. You might want to compare Cuno water filters to another effective system.

The system that we use in our home is certified by Underwriter's Laboratory and the California State Department of health to remove all of the contaminants mentioned above. It fits under the counter and cost us $143.98. The cost of replacement cartridges is $48.00 and they are good for 500 gallons or six months, whichever comes first. With their water 4 life program, which does not cost extra, the company ships replacement cartridges every six months and we get a lifetime warranty.


Safe Clear WaterInstallation is "do-it-yourself", both for the system that we use and the Aqua-Pure systems. Each product comes with a dedicated faucet that you can install in place of your sprayer, or you can drill an additional hole on your sink. Some sinks already have the hole, with just a cap that pops off.

I would have to say that Cuno water filters are as good as the brand that we bought. I just don't see any reason to pay $440 more.

A Final Bit of Advice

No matter what you are buying, it really pays to do some comparative shopping. I looked at the most popular inexpensive brands that are sold in department stores, as well as online. I found that while you might pay less initially, the filter replacements have a very short lifespan.

For example, PUR and Brita faucet-mount products will last for only 100 gallons. The cost per gallon ends up being twice, as does the annual cost for replacement cartridges. So, whether the price is high or low, always read the fine print. Look at the details, if you want to save money. I would also recommend that you consider a showerhead system for many reasons.

In my opinon, the Cuno water filters are okay, but they are not the best value for your money.


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