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A Glassful of Toxins, a Bottle of Carcinogens or a Home Water Purifier?
My Thoughts on Pure Water, Bottled Brands
and Home Water Filters

The healthiest, most hydrating and most refreshing beverage in the world is clean pure water.  But, sadly, because of industrial pollution, farm run-off and a growing population, it is becoming harder and harder to find.

In the past, the primary public health concern was drinking water contaminated with illness causing bacteria.  Fatal outbreaks of waterborne illnesses in the United States and around the world led to major changes in public treatment processes and the widespread use of chemical disinfectants, primarily chlorine.

Many respected scientists and physicians feel that chlorination solved one health problem, but created another.  They believe that the increased cancer rate over the last 50 years was caused primarily by chemical disinfectants and the byproducts they create.  They may be right, but there are literally thousands of cancer-causing chemicals in our environment today and all of them eventually end up in the water.   

Most people simply don’t like the way that tap water tastes.  Chlorine tastes and smells bad.  So, they buy a cheap drinking water filter that only removes chlorine and are happier with the taste and smell. 

What they don’t know is that many cancer-causing chemicals are odorless and tasteless.  Without effective home water purifiers, they unknowingly get a glassful of carcinogens, including bug spray, weed killer, industrial solvents and rocket fuel every time they turn on the tap.

What’s in tap water?  I thought that I would list everything here, just so you would know what you might be exposed to in the kitchen or bathroom.  If you’d like, you can skip ahead to why buying bottled is not the right choice.

  • Chlorine, a neurotoxin, originally developed for use as a chemical weapon.  The amount allowed to be present in your drinking water is considered “unsafe” to swim in.
  • THMs, byproducts of chlorination, cause an increased risk of bladder and colorectal cancer. “Safe” levels of consumption were arrived at by extrapolating how much would be toxic to a 175 pound adult!
  • Lead, a toxic heavy metal used to line pipes and weld joints together. Worn away by years of use and caustic chlorine, it is now present in tap water.  No safe level for consumption.
  • Benzene and TCE, cancer-causing industrial solvents. 
  • Lindane, Alachlor and Atrazine, cancer-causing pesticides and herbicides. 
  • VOCs, includes perchlorate which damages the thyroid gland and other toxic gases.
  • Cysts, parasites in an early stage of development.  EPA warnings indicate that they may be present at anytime and can cause illness or death.  They are even found in bottled water.   

Buying Bottled Water is Not the Right Alternative!

I cannot emphasize this point strongly enough.  Water is one of our most precious natural resources.  Our sources of freshwater are limited.  We cannot continue to support the wasteful bottled water industry.

If you don’t care about the environmental impact of all of those plastic bottles or the impact that the growing industry is having on community water supplies, consider how much money you are spending per year. The average family of four spends well over $1200 per year on bottled water.

According to the FDA, bottled water is not safer than tap water.  The industry has been ordered to refrain from making that statement.  The allowable levels of bacteria are higher than those allowed by public treatment facilities. 

Companies like Dasani, Aquafina and Nestle Pure Life are bottling YOUR tap water and reselling it to you.  I’m not making this up.  I have researched and confirmed all of these facts.

Dasani was recalled in the UK due to high levels of a cancer-causing chemical called bromate (a THM).  The recall led to news stories about how Dasani caused cancer.  The product has yet to be re-released in the country.

Perrier was recalled in the US for benzene contamination.  See the list above for further info about benzene.

Poland Spring was sued for falsely advertising that there bottles contain spring water, when in fact they contain heavily treated groundwater.

I could go on, but let me wrap this up by informing you that the compounds used to make the plastic bottles leach in to the water stored within.  Read the new reports about phthalates.  You’ll learn about the health risks of consuming those chemicals.

Is There a Solution?

Yes, there is a very simple and affordable solution.  You can save thousands of dollars of year and have pure water to drink, cook with and shower in.  All that you have to do is by a “point-of-use” or home water filter that is truly effective.

Now, this is important, all of the drinking water filters on the market are not the same. I have evaluated the product performance data for all of the home water purifiers on the market. Some of them should not actually be called “home water purifiers”, because they don’t truly purify. Here’s a brief overview.

  • Reverse osmosis home water filter (brands include GE Smart Water and Ever-Pure) is expensive, unnecessary and ineffective.  They do not remove chemical contaminants.  They only “reduce” lead to the federal action level.
  • Single stage granular carbon (brands include PUR and Brita drinking water filters) are cheap to purchase, but require replacement filters every thirty days, which increases their cost of use.  They do not remove THMs or VOCs or many of the other chemical contaminants mentioned above.
  • Don’t waste your money on off brands.  Home water filters are not well unregulated.  They don’t have to prove their claims.
  • Don’t buy the “maintenance-free” Clean & Pure.  It’s not really a purifier. It only reduces chlorine and odor.  

Here’s what you MUST have:

  • Dual stage granular carbon and multi-media blocks to remove all chemical contaminants.
  • Sub-micron filtration, certified to filter down to .5 microns, to remove cysts and sediments.
  • Ion exchange to remove 99% or more of all traces of lead.  This stage also improves taste, balances mineral content and pH level.  

Remember, it’s not just about what you drink.  It’s about what you cook with, wash vegetables with, brush your teeth with and shower in.  All of those chemical contaminants become airborne in the shower.  Many homes have measurable levels of chloroform gas (another THM) caused by showering in unfiltered water. 

If you have chronic health problems, you will benefit greatly by drinking more pure water.  If you are trying to lose weight, increasing your intake of pure water will make it easier for your liver to convert stored fat into energy. 

My Home Water Filter Recommendation

The best home water purifier on the market is made by Aquasana. Their products are affordable. Their claims are verifiable.

They don’t include expensive unnecessary steps.

If you act quickly, you can get a package that includes their most popular combo drinking water filter and showerhead system for $159.99, along with a free glass decanter.

Nothing tastes better than pure water from a glass container.

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Other types of drinking water filters by Aquasana include:

- Countertop Home Water Purifier
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We have installed these products in our home and I can verify that our water tastes better than anything that money can buy.  And, there is nothing like showering in what feels like spring water.  I know.  I grew up with spring water in my home.  Don’t wait.  Start protecting your family’s health, today.


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