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4 Household Water Filter Reviews
 & Tips for Choosing the Best One

house water filter reviewHere are four household water filter reviews that compare price and product performance data, as well as consumer comments, for some of the most popular brands. Hopefully, this info will make it easier for you to choose the best home water filter.


According to customer's household water filter reviews, the cheapest of these models break very easily. The $20 filtration cartridges must be replaced often, sometimes once a month.

The $49.95 model that is available in retail outlets does not reduce THMs or VOCs. THMs are in every publicly treated supply, without exception, because they are formed when water is disinfected. VOCs have been found at over 800 test sites across the US and are common contaminants world-wide. A home water filter should remove these contaminants, since they increase our risk of cancer.


The Brita home water filter is well known and highly advertised. The average retail price is $34.95, but like the PUR brand, the $20 filtration cartridges are only good for 100 gallons; about a 6 weeks supply for a family of four.

Also like PUR, VOCs and THMs are not removed by the department store models. The pitchers are even less effective, only reducing lead and chlorine by 93% and 75% respectively.

Some comments from consumer household water filter reviews for the pitchers concern the cost of replacement cartridges ($7.70) and the difficulty in estimating life span, since they are only good for 30 gallons.


The Ever-pure home water filter is highly effective and the cartridges have a long life span, but the under-the-counter model costs nearly $800. Their cheaper models only reduce chlorine, lead and cysts. The reason for the additional cost is the inclusion of a reverse osmosis step that is simply unnecessary for publicly treated supplies, which is what the system is designed for.

Some comments taken form consumer's household water filter reviews include complaints about cost, high priced replacement cartridges, difficulty installing and the need to drill a new hole in the sink! Luckily, we have better and less expensive options.

The Best - Auqasana Water Filters

The best home water filter on the market retails for $125. The manufacture often offers special pricing that reduce the price to less than a hundred.

The product is a multiple stage selective filtration device that reduces all of the following contaminants by 98-99.99%:

  • Chlorine, a disinfectant that causes stomach problems and aggravates acid reflux. In children, it causes anemia
  • Lead, a toxic heavy metal. Constant low level consumption causes a variety of health problems including high blood pressure, nutritional deficiencies and learning disabilities.
  • Cysts, protozoa that cause waterborne illnesses ranging from mild to severe
  • THMs, VOCs, benzene, alachlor, Atrazine and a variety of other cancer-causing chemicals.

The company recommends replacing the filtration cartridges every six months or after 500 gallons, whichever comes first. The cost of replacements is $48 and they offer to ship them to you on an automatic basis.

All of the household water filter reviews for the Aquasana brand are positive. No complaints…no worries…good pricing…good service.

What a bargain!


Aquasana Review

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