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3 Reasons You Need the
Best Home Drinking Water Purifier

Today, there are three main reasons that you need the best home drinking water purifier; to protect your health, to save money and to help save the environment.  Here, you can read about each of those reasons, in greater detail, and learn how to be sure that you are actually buying the best. 

Protecting Your Health

There are thousands of synthetic chemicals in our environment.  It has been estimated that over 2400 different cancer-causing chemicals are present in drinking water supplies around the world.  It is no wonder that the number of new cancer cases each year has reached epidemic proportions.

Instead of investigating more of the causes and learning how to protect the public from them, researchers have focused on treating the condition and early detection.  One of the ways that you can protect yourself and your family from cancer and other life-threatening health conditions is to install the best home drinking water purifier.  Look for one that removes THMs, VOCs, chlorine, lead, prescriptions drugs and cysts.

Saving Money

Many people have taken to buying bottled water, because the taste of their tap-water is unappealing or because they are aware of the toxins that are in our waterlines.  To supply a family of four with a mediocre brand for one year would cost about $1400, more if you used it for making coffee and other cooking chores.

Of course, you can’t bathe in bottled, but the chemicals that threaten your health become airborne during a shower.  So, you inhale them and absorb them through your skin.  You can get an effective showerhead filter for less than $85.  My favorite manufacturer offers a “package deal” that includes both the showerhead and the kitchen filter.  Currently the price is $159.99 and you can get a free lifetime warranty.

The best home drinking water purifier, if purchased separately, costs $172.99 for the first year (that includes one replacement cartridge) and $96 for subsequent years, the price of two replacement cartridges.  So, starting next year, you could save over $1300, annually.

Saving the Environment

The plastic bottles are a major source of pollution.  The bottling industry uses gallons of crude oil to manufacture and transport the bottles.  They are also threatening freshwater supplies across the world.  For each 1.5 liter bottle that they create, they waste three to five liters of what could have been someone’s drinking water.

The best home drinking water purifier does not create waste.  Toxins are fully enclosed in the cartridge, so they do not reenter the environment.

How To Find the Right Product

Product performance data is the first thing to look for.  That will tell you about contaminant removal.  Secondly, look for a multiple stage selective filtration device.  You don’t want reverse osmosis, because it removes minerals.  Third, rule out the products that are on sale in department stores.  They do not provide effective contaminant removal and the filters have a very short lifespan.

The best home drinking water purifier is good for 500 gallons, about six months.  The technology is so advanced that you will feel as though you are drinking straight from a mountain spring, right in your own kitchen.


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